My Story

I’m a journalist first. And a copywriter, also first.

It’s not as counterintuitive as it sounds. I believe a good writer is a good writer no matter the medium or message. I’ve had the privilege of writing magazine features, departments, and columns—and everything an in-house ad agency can throw at you. I call it writing on both sides of the aisle, and I think I’m a better writer for it.

My passion for all things home has guided my career path pretty much forever. I’ve held senior writing and editing positions at both regional and national shelter magazines, and I’ve freelanced for 20+ years, writing mostly (but not exclusively) about interior design and luxury home furnishings, architecture, and real estate.

My advertising/marketing experience includes writing SEO-rich websites, sponsored and social content, as well as press releases, product romance, direct mail magazines and brochures, emails, blog posts, radio scripts, in-store signage, and promotional materials.

I can tell a story from any perspective, in any voice, on any platform, to the audience of your choice. I have an unwavering commitment to accuracy, the rules of grammar and punctuation, and your stylebook (I can live with or without the Oxford comma). I love language but I’m not hopelessly in love with my own words. I look forward to telling your story.

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